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home collected credit - about us

Home collected credit is on the increase here in the UK – the old fashioned door to door lending service that’s making a big comeback … with a modern twist!

For anyone battling against an adverse credit rating or previous credit problems dealing with a real person rather than an automated response can be the difference between getting a loan or being rejected – and that’s what home collected credit is all about – flexible personal finance provided with a human touch.

On this website our intention is to explain what home collected credit is and how it works in general terms. We also explain one or two alternative ways of borrowing too. We are not advisors, lenders or brokers – our aim is just to provide a little basic information about home collected loans (or doorstep loans as they are better known) and also other different loans and options available and, in some cases, link you with a company or lender who may be able to help you.

The following are the main pages to visit:

Home Collected Credit > the home page introduction to the world of home collected loans and doorstep loans.

Home Collected Loans Info Pages > learn all about the home credit market in the UK.

Alternative Loans > a few of the more popular alternative loans to home collected loans.

You should ALWAYS seek professional advice before entering into any agreement and don’t forget, you home or property will be at risk if you do not keep up repayments on any loan secured against it.

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Thanks for your visit today – we hope you find this website of value and that you find the credit you are looking for.