Alternative Loans

loan searchThese days there are so many different loans and financial options wrapped up in fancy names and packaging that it can appear a very complicated marketplace. Here at Home Collected Credit we appreciate that home collected loans to your door may not be the right option for everyone and so we’ve listed, simplified and explained a few of the popular alternatives below and on the attached pages which may be also worth consideration and further research.

Don’t forget – we provide general information only and do NOT provide financial advice. You should always take the proper, relevant, ¬†professional advice before agreeing any loan or entering any form of financial contract.

Everyone’s borrowing needs will be different and very much dependent on individual situation and personal circumstances.

Perhaps speed is of the essence and some form of emergency leaves you in need of a little extra cash to get you through a short term cash crisis or to bridge the gap to payday, maybe you’re in need of a little more and want to spread the cost of borrowing over a short period of time, alternatively you may be looking for a larger, more traditional personal loan spread over a longer period.

There may also be other issues to take into account too – perhaps your credit history is not perfect and you assume that a bad credit rating will prevent you from getting a loan, you could have already had a loan application rejected, perhaps you’re self employed or your income fluctuates, maybe you only work part time or you’re retired or on benefits.

Whatever issues affect you there may be a solution if you match the right product with the right lender. There are companies out there who want to help – some who specialise in the adverse credit market, some who focus on speed of delivery, some who focus on the short term and brokers who will shop around for you – help may be out there.

We’ve tried to keep everything as simple as possible but don’t forget – we are not lenders or brokers and we do seek seek to advise … all we aim is to provide a little basic information that’s easy to understand and to link with companies who may be able to help you find the finance you are looking for.

Shop around, research and always seek professional advice before entering any financial agreement.

Home Collected Loans To Your Door – Alternatives

Just a few of the more popular alternative loans with links to additional information as required:

Home Collected Doorstep Loans: Cash loans to your door FAST. Simple, flexible, cash,  door to door loans that are available with a very wide lending criteria Рhomeowners, tenants, working full time, part time, retired on benefits, good credit or bad.

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Fast Cash Instant Loans: Cash loans in an instant – the fastest of all loans available. Fully electronic application process, can even be by text message in some cases, immediate decision and instant transfer of funds.

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Emergency Cash Loans: Help – Fast, small and short term loans for those short term cash flow emergencies. Designed for the short term only, often simply to bridge the gap to payday, these loans are readily available and are available FAST.

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Instalment Loans: Quick but not as fast as some other smaller emergency loans, the benefit of these loans is that you can borrow slightly larger sums of money and spread the cost of borrowing over a period of time.

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Unsecured Personal Loans: The traditional personal loan – borrow larger amounts and repay over a longer period of time. Use a broker to obtain the best deal and find a lender willing too lend … available to tenants, homeowners, even with a bad credit history.

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Doorstep Loans 4 Unemployed: Even if you’re not working there may still be some options available but think hard and seek professional advice first.

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Remember, here at Home Collected Credit, we are neither lenders or brokers – we are simply here to provide a little general information to help explain some of the different lending options that may be available to you and to link you with companies who may be able to help.

We do not provide financial advice but we always strongly suggest that you seek professional advice before entering any form of financial contract.

We hope we may be able to help just a little – thanks for your visit today.