Doorstep Loans

Doorstep LoansHome collected credit is the provision of small cash loans that are delivered by local agents directly to your door step. The same agent will then call each week to collect the repayments over an agreed term. Better known as doorstep loans this is personal finance with a friendly, human touch – a door to door lending service … the way loans used to be.

This form of personal finance is incredibly popular due to the flexibility in lending criteria which makes it an option to those who may struggle to obtain other forms of finance for various reasons.

What Are Doorstep Loans.

The name doorstep loans aptly describe the door to door lending service that’s provided on a national basis, throughout the entire UK. The home collected loans are simple, flexible, convenient, transparent and, best of all, at every stage, you’re dealing face to face with a real person in the comfort and security of your own home.

How Much Can I Borrow.

Doorstep loans are typically available as small cash loans from around £50 and up to £1,000 or so and repayment terms are flexible to suit the borrower – usually you are able to spread the repayment cost over a maximum 52 weeks. For larger loans you need to be considering a more traditional personal loan where repayments may be spread over a longer period.

Who Can Apply.

These door to door loans are available to everyone as they are personal loans that require no security and hence both homeowners and tenants can apply. Those working full time, part time, retired or on benefits may also be eligible to apply – what matters is that the repayments are affordable and comfortable. Good credit history or bad … arrears, defaults, even CCJs are usually OK as most doorstep loans providers will look to the future and your ability to repay rather than what may or may not have happened in the past. As doorstep loans are cash loans you may not even need a bank account to apply!

What Can I Use The Money For.

Doorstep loans can be used for any reason you choose – they’re personal loans and so whatever you need or use the money for is up to you … a holiday, help with Christmas, home improvements, to resolve a cash flow problem, treating yourself to a little luxury … any reason at all. Apply for a doorstep loan online, meet your agent, receive your cash loan and spend it as you wish.

More Information.

With home collected doorstep loans you are dealing in cash with a real person in your home and you’re treated as an individual not a faceless name on an application form or just a telephone number or email address. Because you’re treated as an individual means that lending criteria is more flexible and hence more people are eligible for home credit than a more traditional loan.

The cost of a doorstep loan does need to be examined closely – the flexible eligibility criteria and the administrative costs does come at a price and hence interest rates may be high. You should always be quoted in advance and the benefit of dealing face to face with a human being is that you’ll be able to ask questions and ensure you understand exactly what the loan will cost you BEFORE you agree to anything.

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