Home Collected Loans No Credit Checks

home collected loans no credit checksBorrowing money is difficult at the best of times but anyone with a less than perfect credit history will find it incredibly hard to get a loan from any of the high street institutions … especially in these current difficult economic times. That’s where the doorstep loan can help by providing small cash home collected loans without the need for a traditional credit check, instead a decision to lend or not is based on the applicants ability to comfortably repay the loan moving forward. So, if you’re struggling to get the loan you need then these home collected loans no credit checks are an option to consider.

Whenever an application for credit is made a credit check to one of the UKs credit agencies is made. This agency will check the applicant is who they say they are, check the address and other info held along with a report on previous credit history to show how debts have been handled in the past, if payments have always been made on time of if there have been any late payments, defaults, CCJs or any other problems. The result of this credit check will provide the borrower with the confidence to lend … or otherwise!

Credit problems can be caused by many factors and are often started by a change in circumstances – the loss of a job, illness, redundancy and with over 1,500 people being made redundant daily it’s easy to see how it can happen.

Just as circumstances can change for the worse the opposite can also happen – you get that new job, you’re able to get back to work after illness etc but your credit history can’t be changed and so it’ll still be a struggle to find a company prepared to lend you any money.

And that’s where the good old doorstep loan comes in …

Affordability and availability is the name of the game with these small cash loans to your door – borrow up to £500 (sometimes up to £1,000), in cash, and pay back in small, manageable weekly repayments over a maximum 1 year term. Add to that an incredibly flexible lending criteria, meaning that homeowners, tenants, employed, on benefits, retired, good credit history or bad … as long as you can comfortably afford the repayments you’re eligible for a doorstep loan.

These home collected loans are good old fashioned cash loans that come with a human touch – apply online and your very own, friendly local agent will visit you to explain how it works, what it costs and make sure it’s right for your circumstances. They will then deliver your loan and collect the repayments on a day and time to suit you. Friendly, personal, convenient service and over 2 million satisfied customers to date.

One of the biggest incentive is that doorstep loans require no traditional credit checks and the decision to lend is not based on your past history. Instead, after you’ve applied online, you’ll get to meet your own local agent and talk about your situation face to face. So, if you’ve had problems in the past, if you’re able to explain and to satisfy the lender that no matter what may have happened you are comfortably able to repay your loan moving forward you could be accepted.

Better still – take out a doorstep loan and keep to your repayment schedule and it’ll count positively towards your credit rating making borrowing in the future easier.

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Always shop around and seek professional advice before deciding on the right loan for you and your circumstances.